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By Chuck Wells

Ok, so now you have a 16 year-old who somehow passed his road test and is now a licensed driver. What do you do about your car insurance? Do you add him to your policy, have him get his own car insurance, or keep your mouth shut and hope no one catches up with him?

Most people just add the young driver to their policy and take the hit with a higher premium. The hit will depend upon how many cars you have. If you are married and you have two cars and then add the third driver, the premium increase will not be too bad. However, if you have three cars, your young driver will automatically be considered the principle driver of that third vehicle and your premium will be high and you may have to get a second job. It doesnít matter if he really is driving that car all the time, the insurance company doesnít believe you and will still charge you (they donít believe me either so donít feel bad).

If your kid is going to get his own car, tell him he needs to get his own insurance policy. The premium will be a little higher than putting the car on your policy, but he will be building insurance credit in his own name and that will save him money down the line. It may also save your rates as your premiums will not increase if your kid has an accident with his car. Of course, if he borrows your car and has an accident, your rates may go up so tell him he has to use his own car! Keep in mind that the car insurance and the registration have to be in the same name. If Johnny puts his car on your policy, the registration must be in your name, not his.

The third option is not to tell anyone you have a teen driver and that you do not believe in having any children as they are too expensive and a pain in the butt. You may luck out and your teen will not have any accidents (even accidents which are not his fault) and you have saved big bucks on insurance. However, if Johnny has an accident and you have not told your insurance company about him, your rates will go up immediately and you may be canceled at the next renewal for being dishonest. If you apply for new car insurance and donít tell the insurance company about Johnny, that is insurance fraud and you could be in deep do-do. Also, do you want an insurance representing you in court after a bad accident with them knowing you were dishonest with them by not disclosing all of your drivers and paying an appropriate premium?

Young drivers have more accidents than older drivers. That is a fact. That is why insurance companies have to charge higher premiums for having these drivers covered. So if you are going to have a young driver, be prepared to shell out some money. Oh, by-the-way, if a young driver asks you to put his car on your policy (and not him), keep in mind that if he has an accident, you will be sued also. Is it worth that so he can con an insurance company into getting a lower premium?


Bartenders Magazine has come out with a list of the worst and best tippers. The worst tippers are lawyers and doctors. The best tippers are bartenders (go figure), service personnel, and hair stylists.


The Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation (really) has done smell studies to determine what smells turn men on sexually. ďThere is a connection between the olfactory bulb at the top of the nose and the brainís septal nucleusócalled the erection center.Ē

25 male students were tested using scent-soaked surgical masks. The doctor measured their responses, monitoring blood pressure and penile blood flow.

Flowery perfumes and the smell from cinnamon rolls were compared. Cinnamon rolls elicited more of an arousal with men than perfume.

The smell of doughnuts and pumpkin pie sparked the most arousal among the participants. But the best smell arousal response among men was the blend of pumpkin pie and lavender. Thatís right, pumpkin pie and lavender smells really turn men on. Also, the older the man, the greater was his response to vanilla.

Ladies, please keep this in mind as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner!

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