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By Chuck Wells

So you pay big bucks to have that car sitting in the driveway and expect that if anything happens, you will be covered. You know it canít be that easy!

Here are some things which are NOT covered and you will be S.O.L. (Sorry Out of Luck):

  • Cell phones, CB radios, scanners, radar detectors, clothes, tools, other personal belongings even while in your car and they are stolen or damaged.
  • Damage to your car or truck if it is involved in a speed or racing contest (including mud runs).
  • Customizationóno coverage for the special carpeting, furniture, tvís, height extending roofs, custom murals or paint, captain chairs, runners, etc. You may buy the coverage for these things but you must notify the insurance company (donít assume you have this coverage).
  • Glass breakage unless you have comprehensive coverage
  • Any damage to your car from an accident unless you have collision coverageóif you are not-at-fault and the other person has no car insurance, you are probably S.O.L. too.
  • Damage to your car from fire or vandalism or theft of the car unless you have comprehensive coverage
  • Money for a rental car unless you carry the additional coverage and it only covers if your car is in the shop after an accident (no coverage if in the shop just for repairs).
  • CDís or tapes
  • Stereo system unless it came with the car or is permanently installed in
    the dash
  • Dice on the mirror or hula girl in the rear window


A British subsidiary of the German firm Condomi chose 10 men from among 10,000 college students across Great Britain to be condom testers. Before you ask, no, I couldnít find out how they were chosen. They were paid $170 per term to test for comfort and convenience of the condoms. They were given an unlimited supply of the condoms. One of the students said he thought the assignment was to ďget through as many as humanly possible.Ē


The superintendent of Ravenswood Elementary School in East Palo Alto, California said that she was interested in purchasing life insurance to cover funeral expenses for all of her 4,200 students because the cityís homicide rate is the highest in the nation. She asked teachers to contribute $1,500 each for the cost of funerals of students killed in drive-by shootings.


Our state legislators and governor have threatened to terminate school superintendents and school boards if they do not have budget votes saying these people are negligent in their jobs. These same legislators and governor cannot pass their own budget in open violation of their own law. Instead of putting a no-confidence line on the school budget vote, people should resolve to vote out all state incumbents at the next election and band together with a threatened lawsuit if the state tries to terminate school superintendents or school boards who question their rational decision to postpone a vote until the state decides how much money they will get. Why havenít other school districts followed Fairportís lead?

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