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By Chuck Wells

So you decide to turn in an insurance claim and call the insurance company through one of their 800 phone numbers. The first thing they tell you is: “Calls may be recorded, analyzed and reviewed for the purposes of fraud prevention detection, quality control, and training.”

Some insurance companies (they won’t tell us who they are) are using new technology called Voice Stress Analysis to see if you are telling them the truth or trying to turn in a bogus claim. It’s like the lie detector machines. Your voice is analyzed first by asking you some simple questions like your name and address and then compares your voice stress level when the questions start about the claim.

If you pass, your claim goes through. If you fail, you are referred to more people to ask you more questions and examine your claim more carefully.

Companies using this technology have seen a rise in their fraud detection from 5% to 18%. Many people turning in bogus claims have dropped their claims after finding out their voices were being analyzed.

What does this mean to you? First of all, it should save all of us some money in-the-long-run as more people are being caught trying to scam insurance companies. Second, you better have a drink before calling in a claim to make sure you are calm.


A 17 year-old boy went into a Krispy Kreme store in Erie, Pa. to a get a free doughnut. They gave him one. The boy then went to the end of the line and came through again asking for another free doughnut. Krispy refused. The kid left and returned a few minutes later with a McDonald’s bag over his head asking for a free doughnut. Krispy told him to get lost. He then fell to the floor flailing his arms and legs demanding a free doughnut. Police took him away. He will probably sue Krispy for doughnut discrimination when he gets out.


I didn’t know this, but there is sport competition in ironing. That’s right. Ironing; as in ironing clothes. South African Anton VanDeVenter broke the high altitude ironing record by ironing his national flag at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. While nude. In freezing temperatures. He said: “I came, I saw, I pressed a crease.” No word as to whether or not there was a shrinkage problem with Mr. VanDe Venter.

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