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By Chuck Wells

I know, you have been paying on insurance for years and years without collecting a dime and think you are entitled to get some of that money back once-in-awhile by turning in a claim. So what’s the big deal?

First of all, an insurance company may non-renew you if they see that you turn in too many claims in too short a period of time so you need to be careful.

The idea of insurance is for all of us to pool our money together so when one of us takes a big hit, we can get some money to put us back on our feet. It is not to get all of our money back like a savings account. If one person is turning in too many claims, that money comes from the rest of us.

If you have more than 2 claims on an auto or home insurance policy within a 3 year period of time, your insurance company will take a close look at you to determine whether or not they will continue your policy. If your policy cancels because of claims, you can bet that the next company that picks you up is going to charge you a much higher premium because they think you are bad news.

How can you avoid potential problems? Don’t turn in small claims. Have deductibles of at least $500 so you save some money while not turning in those small claims. You should discuss all claims with your agent. If you have a car accident with another vehicle, you must turn in the claim. If you back into your own garage, this may be one claim you do not turn in.

Insurance is for the big claims. If you try and milk it for small ones, you will wind up paying much more in premiums when you are canceled than if you just paid the small ones yourself. Not fair? The alternative is for all of us to pay much higher premiums to pay those small claims. I don’t think so.


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