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By Chuck Wells

Ok, so you just got a speeding ticket in Palmyra even though you know you weren’t going “that fast.”

What is going to happen to you? First of all, you have the choice of going to court for the ticket or sending it in. Some courts will reduce the ticket to a lower charge if you appear and that will mean fewer points on your license and maybe a lower fine. If you just decide to ignore the ticket, your license will be suspended without your knowledge and when you get stopped again, you will get a bigger ticket and a bigger fine!

As far as your insurance goes, getting one speeding ticket that is less than 15mph over the speed limit is no big deal and will not affect your insurance much at all. If the ticket is more than 15mph over the speed limit, this ticket could raise your car insurance rates by 20% for 3 years. If the ticket is more than 20mph over the speed limit, your company may cancel you at the next renewal because this is considered a major ticket.

If you speed in a school zone, you may be canceled by your company and have to go on an assigned risk type policy as most companies don’t want anything to do with someone who speeds near a school. They don’t care if it is just 5mph over the limit.

Keep in mind that minor moving violations are chargeable on your car insurance for 39 months. Major tickets like DWI, Leaving the Scene, Driving While License Suspended, etc. may affect your insurance rates for many years.


Since we are talking about speeding tickets, here are some comments made by people who were stopped by the police for speeding:

  • “I’m in no mood for this”
  • “I have to go to the bathroom”
  • “It wasn’t me. I know it wasn’t”
  • “Not you again?”
  • “I have distemper”
  • “My wife found out that I was at a strip club and if I’m not home in 10 minutes, she is going to shoot my truck”
  • “I guess my mind was still on that Hooter’s billboard”


Robert Shook and Eric Yaverbaum wrote a book on how to get through to people on the phone who may not want to talk with you. When you are asked, “Whom should I say is calling?” you should respond: “Tell him his sex therapist is on the phone.”

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