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By Chuck Wells

  1. Don’t pay a traffic ticket fine or child support. That will result in a suspension of your license and keep you from getting preferred rates on your car insurance.
  2. If you are a teen, drive at times not permitted on your license. This could increase your rates by 50% after you get caught but who cares?
  3. Put your kid or grandkid’s car on your car insurance and don’t tell the insurance company. When the kid has an accident and you are sued, you can lose everything you own. Oh, you will be non-renewed by your car ins. company too and then have to pay much higher premiums.
  4. If you hit someone or someone hits you, don’t report it to your insurance company. In 2 years, when someone decides to sue you because they now found out that they have injuries, your car insurance company won’t have to help you because you never reported it.
  5. Turn in every piddly claim you have. After all, the insurance company has been sticking it to you for years. That will result in your policy being canceled and then you can pay premiums which will be more than those piddly claims combined.
  6. Buy a pit-bull, rottweiler or some other dog that likes to bite. You won’t be able to get home insurance as most of the home insurance lawsuits are from dog bites.
  7. Let your kid take a bunch of kids out for a ride in your car. When they have an accident because the young driver was distracted, you can worry about a lawsuit by the other parents.
  8. Let your insurance policy cancel for non-payment because you did not save up your money and you had more important things to buy. It will only cost you more to re-start a new policy and you will get an $8 per day fine from DMV.
  9. Call an 800# for car insurance so you can save a couple of bucks. Who cares that they are in Iowa. They will help you with a big claim and will fight for you because they want to pay you big bucks. And who cares when they drop you because they don’t like you anymore or that they cut your coverages so you have lousy protection?
  10. Don’t listen to your insurance agent as he/she is just trying to sell you more insurance. Read an article in a magazine and do-it-yourself. Who cares if the information is wrong or does not apply to your situation here in New York?


A London advertising agency did a survey of couples who shop to see if there are differences between men and women. I could have saved them some time. Men do not shop. They go into a store to buy and get out as fast as possible. They will not ask for directions. But what about the survey? Given the same shopping lists, men spend more on brand names, buy things they don’t need, and will indulge in expensive treats. “Men don’t feel guilty about food and they tend to value themselves more highly and don’t put others ahead of themselves.” Men spent more on shampoo, butter, and coffee.


The 16 year-old girl just got her permit and asked her father to take her out driving for the first time. Dad reluctantly agreed. As they got into the car, dad asked her, “What is the first thing you do when you get in the car?” She replied: “Turn on the radio!” “No, you fasten your seat belt” he instructed as he was starting to shake. He then told her to check her rear-view and side mirrors before backing out of the driveway. “It’s okay,” she said. “I look fine.”

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