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By Chuck Wells

Our state legislators and our governor decided that we do not have enough lawsuits in this state so they passed legislation for your car insurance that will mean more lawsuits and higher premiums for us.

Up to this year, if you had a car accident, you were not able to sue your husband or wife even if he/she was negligent in an accident. This made sense as allowing spouses to sue each other after an accident would naturally lead to some fraudulent claims just to make a buck.

Within the next year, your car insurance company will ask you whether or not you want to buy coverage so you can sue your husband or wife. This new coverage is called Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance (SSL). If you do not want to pay the additional premium for this coverage, you will not be able to sue your spouse if he/she injures you by their bad driving. You have to sign up for the coverage. Some companies may just roll on the coverage automatically and charge you the premium so you need to watch what you get in your next renewal.

Keep in mind that your spouse has to be “negligent” in their driving and thereby causing an accident where you are injured. Just because you have an accident, it doesn’t mean that you can sue your spouse and collect big bucks for your summer vacation. Of course, a lawyer can show you how to be negligent so don’t worry. We are all negligent about something.

I have not heard from any of my insurance companies yet what the premium will be to add this spousal lawsuit coverage so I don’t know how expensive it will be. It will probably start out cheap until all the fraudulent accidents kick in and then the rates will skyrocket.

The bottom line is that if your spouse is a lousy driver or you just want to collect some big bucks before next Christmas, buy this additional coverage when it is available. And don’t whine about your car insurance company raising your rates all the time, either.


Police arrested Daniel Everett in the St. Louis County Courthouse. Everett dropped his pants in the lobby of the courthouse, jumped up on the photocopy machine, and proceeded to have copies made of his butt. Everett didn’t think he had done anything wrong when he said: “What did I do? What did I do?” He was just making the copies as a practical joke for his girlfriend. No word as to who would use the copy machine after the incident.

And in Tucson, Arizona, a man intending on committing suicide turned on the gas in his trailer and sat down to go in peace. But then he decided to have a last cigarette. He is still alive suffering from first and second degree burns from the explosion.

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