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By Chuck Wells

Ok, the snow has arrived and you have been driving in it up here in the north tundra for the past 100 years so there shouldn’t be a problem. Then why do so many people in the Rochester area have so many car accidents during the first couple of snow storms?

The main cause of accidents during snow storms is people driving too fast for the road conditions. People are used to driving the speed limit (or more) and can’t bring themselves to driving any slower even when roads are slippery. If you need to drive 10mph, then do it. If the guy behind you doesn’t like it, let him pass you. You will get to see him down the road in a ditch so you can give him the high sign as you slowly pass him!

So when you run off the road because you were late getting your oil changed, will your car insurance rates increase?

If your insurance company pays out more than $1,000 in damages to your car and/or anything you hit, yes your rates will increase about 20% for the next three years. Also, if anyone is injured in the accident, your rates will increase. If you tell the police officer you are in pain and he lists that on the accident report, your rates may go up even though nothing is paid out.

The excuse that it was a weather related accident or “act of god” does not cut it with insurance companies. They will still charge you with the accident no matter what excuse you come up with.

The bottom line? Drive slowly during bad weather and make sure you have control of your car at all times. If you feel like you are slipping, slow down.


Researchers at the University of Georgia are trying to figure out what you need to do in order to live more than 100 years (in case you really want to be 100 years old!)

My philosophy has always been that if you eat different things, get some exercise, and try to maintain a positive attitude with goals in your life, you will live as long as your body wants you to. I think hereditary factors are also important. Being a vegetarian and only eating “healthy” foods is a bunch of bunk.

Mary Elliott, age 102, lost her parents, two husbands (wow!), a brother, a sister, and her daughter. She keeps a positive attitude and does not dwell on “bad things.”

So what do you need to eat? Most of the older people in the study eat bacon, sausage, and eggs. They consume about 1600 calories a day, take one alcoholic drink per week, do not smoke, and also eat macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and sweet tea. The doctors doing the study (who probably won’t live past age 70 themselves) state that this diet is probably just “a reflection of their cultural upbringing” and that we shouldn’t copy them.

Mr. Stein, age 102, complained about telephone calls from brokers trying to sell him long-term accounts maturing in 25 years. He said: “I’m 100 years old. I don’t even buy green bananas!”

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