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By Chuck Wells

Itís the start of back-to-school season and it is important for drivers to be careful when driving around schools and school buses. Why? Because if you get the wrong ticket, you can kiss your reasonable car insurance rates goodbye!

Letís say you are crawling by a school zone that is 20mph limit and you are only doing 25mph but you are stopped and given a ticket for speed in a school zone. Now, thatís only 5mph over the speed limit so that should just be a minor infraction for insurance companies. Right? Wrong! They consider any speeding ticket in a school zone to be a big thing like a DWI and wonít accept you as a client for preferred rates and your existing company may non-renew you. They are scared to death you will run over a kid near the school and they would have to pay big bucks.

How about a ticket for passing a school bus that is taking on or letting off kids with their red lights flashing? You might as well take a vacation to Iraq as it may be the only vacation you will be able to afford after you get your insurance bill!

It is extremely important for you not to get tickets associated with school zones or school buses or you will be stigmatized as a lousy driver by most insurance companies. Lousy drivers pay high insurance rates.

One other thing; donít get your license suspended for not paying child support. Insurance companies donít like dead-beat dads (or mothers) and consider this a reflection of your maturity and responsibility. They think that if you are a dead-beat, you donít care about your driving either and will want to increase your premium.


Nancy Clausen, age 34, was in the Shea Stadium parking lot following a baseball game when she came upon a mounted police officer. Clausen stated that the police officer offered to give her a ride on his horse and as he helped her onto the horse, she fell and was injured. Clausen then sued the city of New York, the police department, and the police officer as she certainly could not be responsible herself for her own injuries. A jury awarded her $210,000. Guess she won the lottery and can now buy her own horse.


Daina Sancho, age 42, wanted to marry her sweetheart, Irwin Vincent (I.V.) OíRourke III but there was a ďminorĒ problem. Even I.V.ís father said: ďIf youíve met the man of your dreams, why wait?Ē The problem? The couple lived in Louisiana where you have to be 16 years old to get married. I.V. was only 14. Alabama permits 14-year-olds to get married with their parentís permission. 42-year-old Sancho is now married to 14-year-old I.V.


Becky Nyang, age 26, likes her tongue stud. After all, what is not to like about a hunk of metal stuck through your tongue so you talk like Daffy Duck? Anyway, stud woman went on vacation to Greece and found one drawback to the tongue stud. She was struck by lightning that was attracted to her mouth by the stud. She had severe blisters around her mouth, face, and feet.

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