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By Chuck Wells

When someone calls me for a car insurance quote, I ask them: “Have you taken the Defensive Driving Course within the past 3 years?” Most people confuse this course with the pre-license course required by New York before you can get your driver’s license. Or they may think it is the Driver Education Course given to teens in high school. It is neither.

This Defensive Driving Course or Accident Prevention Course is a 6 hour course (no driving, just classroom and no exam) usually given over two evenings that covers many aspects of driving to avoid accidents. You will see the courses advertised in local papers and costs about $40.

Why should you take the course? Because for $40, you may save hundreds on your car insurance. Upon completion of the course, you may get a 10% discount on the liability and collision portion of your car insurance for the next three years. This can amount to hundreds of dollars over a three year period. It will also take points off your license if you have some from tickets

Taking the Defensive Driving Course will NOT eliminate tickets. These will still be charged on your car insurance policy. It will only cut the number of points on your license.

Keep in mind that you get the discount only if you are a principal operator of a car and if you are a young driver, the discount may be less than 10% because of a complex insurance company formula (that’s a surprise, right?).

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to save some money on your car insurance, taking the Defensive Driving Course is the way to go.


A life insurance company said they were not going to pay off after Arlene Evan’s husband died because they thought it was suicide. Arlene said it was an accident and they should have to pay. Mr. Evans was found in his bathtub, clothed and charred. Arlene said it was because he was a heavy smoker and he often burned himself. The life insurance company was ordered to pay the death claim when Arlene stated that her husband often struck matches after passing gas and that in fact the fire that killed him started around his crotch.


West Virginia Judge Joseph Trosi was accused of biting the nose of defendant Bill Witten at Witten’s bail reduction hearing. Witten reportedly made a derogatory remark against the judge. According to State Police Capt. Terry Snodgrass (really): “Mr. Trosi stepped down from the bench, removed his robe, and there was a confrontation. During the confrontation, Mr. Witten’s nose was injured.” I haven’t heard of Judge Terry Rodman here in Palmyra biting anyone’s nose yet but don’t get him riled up!

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