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By Chuck Wells

Junior drivers are those who are under age 18 and just starting to drive and have a DJ license. These young people who are now starting out with a permit cannot get a license until they have been driving for 6 months and their parent or guardian signs a statement that says the new driver has had at least 20 hours of supervised driving. Im sure no one will fudge that statement and that it is not a legislative paperwork farce.

A limited use junior license is available to those who pass a road test before the 6 months is over and you should check with DMV to see what those restrictions are. It might apply if the young person needs to get back and forth from a job.

A junior driver cannot have more than 2 passengers in the car unless there is a supervising parent or guardian in the car or unless the passengers are immediate family members. So no more loading the car up with kids after school and tooling around. How many kids have been killed in this manner? Lots.

One other point about junior licenses. If you drive after 9pm in violation of your restriction, when you go to apply or renew your car insurance, that ticket will increase your rates by 50%. That could mean as much as $800 per year increase for the next 3 years. Think about that before you decide to drive around after 9pm because its no big deal. If you drive anyway, dont whine about your insurance rates later.


A court in Ansbach, Germany, turned down a request by a 43-year-old unemployed guy for government benefits. He said that his wife, who is from Thailand, could not afford to come see him and since the government refused to pay for her travel, it should pay for at least four visits a month to a prostitute. He demanded that the government should also pay him an allowance for condoms and pornography. If this were in the U.S., he would probably get the benefits plus some do-gooder organization would pay for his wife to come to see him.


The Sunnyside Elementary School in Stanton Heights, Pa. suspended a 7-year-old boy for bad language. It seems that he had pointed out to a fellow student that he was going to wind up in hell because he had said, I swear to God. And at the Ernest Gallet School in Lafayette, La., another 7-year-old boy was sent to a special discipline class for telling a fellow student that his own mother is gay. The mother is gay. I suppose devoting time to these major issues is more important than educating kids so they can read a newspaper.

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