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By Chuck Wells

If you rent an apartment, you need Renterís Insurance. Itís simple. Unless you are loaded and could afford to replace all of your furniture, clothes, shoes, TV, stereo, microwave, tools, jewelry, and computer tomorrow if there were a fire in your building and everything was destroyed, you need Renterís Insurance.

Most people donít have Renterís Insurance because they think their landlord will pay for their things if there is a fire, they donít think they own enough to worry about, they think it will cost a lot for the insurance, or they never hear of Renterís Insurance.

Your landlord is not responsible for anything that happens to your property so forget about going after him.

If you donít think you own enough to insure, look around you and figure how much it would cost just to go out and buy all new clothes and shoes. Ok, so you donít dress like a model. It will still cost you a bundle to replace everything you brought into that apartment. Most of my clients who have had claims said they were surprised at how fast they went through the insurance money.

Think it will cost you a lot for Renterís Insurance? Think again. It is usually less than $200 for the whole year. Letís see, $200 for insurance vs. thousands to replace everything I own. Easy choice.

As far as you not knowing about the existence of Renterís Insurance, you know now so contact the agent where you have your car insurance and get that policy before the fire!


A woman in Hamburg, Germany called police to report a bare-chested man with two big white dots on his forehead staring into her window. Police had already been notified that an Emu, a large Australian bird resembling an ostrich had escaped from the zoo and put two and two together after they failed to find the bare-chested man in the area. A spokesman for the police said: ďWeíre still looking for either a naked man with huge eyes or an Emu.Ē


A Los Angeles judge ordered a man who had been stalking Nicole Kidman to stay away from her for three years. The man is now suing Kidman for $200 million as Kidman and the media have labeled him a ďstalker.Ē The man told reporters that he was suing because the ďstalkerĒ label would hurt his 2004 presidential run.


Marymount Manhattan College psychologists asked women over a ten year period: ďIn your next life, would you choose to be a man or a woman?Ē 90% said they would definitely come back as a woman. No survey was done on men or on the next life.

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