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By Chuck Wells

At least 1 in 10 cars out there on the road has no car insurance right now even though car insurance is mandatory in New York State and there are hefty penalties for driving without insurance.

Hereís the scoop:

You must have car insurance when you have plates on a car. It doesnít matter if the car is drivable or not. It doesnít matter if the car is just sitting there and you donít drive it. It doesnít matter that you are out of work, went on a trip so you couldnít pay your insurance, or your aunt was sick.

If your lapse of insurance is 90 days or LESS, you have the option of paying an $8 per day fine (per vehicle) or turning in the plates to DMV for the same amount of time you were without insurance.

If your lapse of insurance is MORE than 90 days, you need to turn in the plates for the same number of days you were without insurance and your driverís license will be suspended for the same number of days.

If this lapse of insurance happens again within a 3year period, you CANNOT pay the fine. You must turn in your plates. No option.

Some people try and re-register the car in someone elseís name so they can continue to drive the car. If you are asked to do this for someone, do not. You can be personally responsible (and be sued) if anyone has an accident with that car. If your last name is the same or the address is the same as the uninsured driver, DMV may not do it anyway.

People who let their car insurance cancel and then come in to re-write when they have some money, usually have multiple license suspensions and really donít care that they are driving without insurance. They also donít care that the $8 per day fine plus other penalties is more than what it would have cost to keep their insurance going. I had one guy driving for a year before he picked up insurance!


A 13 year-old kid and his mom (no mention of a father) sued Intermediate School 143 in the Bronx. The boy decided to leave school at lunch time to run out and get pizza. While out of school, he got into a fight and some other kid kicked him in the knee. Our 13 year-old has hemophilia and developed complications with his knee after the fight. Mommy said that the school was negligent because their safety plan required monitors on all exits so the kids canít escape school. The school had to pay $32,000. Evidently her kid got out and that is the schoolís fault.


A 20 year-old from Boggstown, Ind. was killed when he lost control of his truck as he stuck his butt out of the driverís side window. Now thatís road rage!

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