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By Chuck Wells

The Department of Motor Vehicles is going through their 10 million records of driver’s licenses to see if our information is the same as is recorded with the Social Security Administration. 112,000 records did not match so far and that has the immigrant do-gooder people upset.

The immigrant rights people staged a demonstration in Albany whining that “Suddenly we’re criminalizing immigrants regardless of their status” says Gouri Sadhwani, executive director of the New York Civic Participation Project. So checking someone’s date of birth, driver’s license number, and Social Security number is now criminalizing someone? If you have nothing to hide, what is the
big deal?

According to an Associated Press article, Ricardo (no last name), an undocumented truck driver, said he got his driver’s license with a fake Social Security number. Now he is worried that he will be caught and lose his license. He says he needs money for the house he just bought and to send money back to Ecuador for his wife and child. I’m not sure why he bought a house here when he has a wife and child in another country but I guess that is another story. I don’t care what he needs the money for. He should be deported.

Gouri Sadhwani says: “ We’re forcing people underground.” By finding illegals, I guess we are violating some kind of human right according to Sadhwani. I was curious as to who this Sadhwani is and what her organization, New York Civic Participation Project, really is about. According to their website, Sadhwani works for labor unions. These labor unions probably want to beef up their membership by enlisting illegals. Sadhwani is also an immigrant from India where poverty is rampant. I guess she figured we need more help than her own people.

Dr. Donald Huddle, a Rice University economics professor, did a study in 1996 about the costs/benefits of using illegal immigrants. His study showed that illegal immigrants paid about $12 million to us in taxes from their income earned. The costs to us, however, for their education, food stamps, Medicaid, criminal justice and corrections, etc. amounted to $32 billion. It is evident that they cost us far more than they contribute. The cost of incarceration of illegal aliens in state prisons has also increased 45% from 1999 to 2002. We now pay for over 100,000 illegals to be jailed because they are committing crimes against us. This does not include the costs of trial proceedings, lawyers, and even paying for interpreters so they can understand their rights.

Illegals can also sue you after a car accident and if they are injured on the job in New York (even though they are working illegally), the can collect worker’s compensation insurance benefits.


Troy Nunes decided to break into a Hollywood Video store in Quincy, Mass. by tossing a brick through a window. The window broke but a shard of glass remained. As Nunes exited the building, he cut his femoral artery and bled to death down the street. No word yet as to whether or not his relatives will sue the video store but that should not be surprising.

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