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By Chuck Wells

The hot topic of conversation today is the TV show American Dreams and what is not covered under home insurance policies. Really. It is with insurance agents.

As someone who grew up in the 60’s in Philadelphia, I can tell you that I missed the opportunity of trying out for American Bandstand as I did not want to wait outside in line for the tryouts to get on the show. I was asked by my friends to go down and try out but thought it was “dumb” and a waste of time. My daughters are disappointed now when they watch American Dreams as they could have seen me on the old black and white film clips of American Bandstand. I would have been one of the nerds with tight pants, white socks, and a pocket protector. The moral of the story? If you have the opportunity to try out for American Bandstand, do so.

And what about things which are NOT covered under most home insurance policies? Here are a few:

  • Animals, birds, or fish
  • Flooding of basements (unless from a broken pipe) and driveways
  • Property of roomers or boarders not related to you
  • Tapes or CD’s while in your car
  • Motorized vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobiles, stored cars, ATV’s) unless used for the maintenance of your property
  • Any lawsuits arising from a business conducted in your home
  • Liability from operating a motorboat with more than a 25hp engine
  • Medical bills for anyone residing with you
  • Clean up of trees which fall in your yard and do not hit one of your buildings
  • Campers parked on your property
  • Earthquake damage
  • Vandalism if your house is vacant for more than 30 days
  • Payment of more than $1,000 for jewelry and $2,000 for guns stolen

If you have things of value which you want replaced if they are stolen or destroyed, contact your insurance agent and make sure you have the proper coverage. Don’t wait until something happens and find out the bad news.


Welfare reform in the late 1990’s required people to work at least 20 hours per week in order to collect food stamps. Liberals said these poor people would starve.

In Syracuse, more than 500 people have “vanished” from the food stamp rolls and the Salvation Army and food pantries said they were surprised that the number of people coming to them did not increase.

Michael Manney lost his food stamps because he refused to work and finally “gave in” to his girlfriend and found a job washing dishes at a Red Lobster.

Theodore Clark was sponging off his mother who said she could “barely afford a sandwich at Wendy’s.” Clark refused to go to work saying: “I ain’t going to kill myself for no food stamps.” After “relentless pressure” from his mother and wife, he finally went to work.


A 28 year-old Wichita, Kansas mother died after being run over by her 12 year-old son. The boy and friend wanted to play basketball in the driveway so mother gave him the keys to her car and told him to back the car out while she directed him from behind the car. The boy reluctantly agreed. The mother fell backwards; the son panicked hitting the gas instead of the brake, ran over mom and crashed into their house.

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