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By Chuck Wells

Almost everyone gets a ticket while driving now and then. Itís no big deal. However, some tickets can really jack up your car insurance premiums. Try not to get the big tickets.

Tickets which wonít cost you an arm and leg on your car insurance (unless you get more than one): Disobey Traffic Device, Speeding less than 15mph over the speed limit, Loud Muffler, Stop Sign, Red Light, Failing to Dim Headlights. Insurance companies look back 39 months for these tickets.

Tickets which may require you to get a second job in order to afford your car insurance: DWI or DWAI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Driving out of Restriction or Out of Class (including driving after 9pm if you are a new driver), Permitting an Unlicensed Driver (you knowingly allow someone who doesnít have a valid license to driver your car), Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.

I have people call me all the time with two or three pages of tickets complaining that they canít afford car insurance. It is always someone elseís fault that they got a zillion tickets. They usually have multiple license suspensions for not paying fines and then get picked up for driving with suspended licenses which makes things even worse.

If you get a ticket, pay the fine right away. Donít get your license suspended for not paying a fine. License suspensions make you look like a dead-beat to insurance companies. If you get more than 1 ticket in a 39 month period, you are considered a lousy driver by most insurance companies and you will pay big bucks. If you have 6 or more tickets, you should buy a bike and stay off the road because you are stupid and stupid people should not be driving.


Carl Truman of Los Angeles sued his neighbor because the neighbor ran over his hand with his car. A jury awarded Truman $74,000 for his injuries. Oh, by the way, Truman was stealing the hubcap off the neighborís car when the neighbor was backing out of his driveway. Thatís how Truman got his hand stuck. Crime pays.


Jerry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas collected $14,500 from his neighborís homeownerís insurance policy. Seems that Williams was bitten in the buttocks by the neighborís beagle. The jury awarded Williams the money even though he was shooting at the dog repeatedly with a pellet gun provoking the bite.


All businesses in New York just got a bill from the New York State Dept. of Labor. New York borrowed money from the Federal government because they didnít have enough money to pay unemployment benefits. Of course, NY has been collecting premiums from all businesses to pay this obligation but they must have spent the money on other more important things. When they didnít have enough money to pay back the loan to the Feds, they decided to charge all businesses so they would have money to at least pay the interest on the loan. And we wonder why businesses leave this state. Canít we do a recall like California?

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