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By Chuck Wells

You know about insurance fraud. It is when someone turns in bogus claims to insurance companies in order to make some easy bucks. After all, it is just the big insurance companies paying so who cares? It costs each of us about $140 per year paid through our insurance policies to pay for fraud. Well, it is getting so bad in New York City that the fraudsters are tripping over each other to make an honest buck.

Some guys in Brooklyn were staging a phony accident by loading up a car with people, driving down the street, slamming on the brakes so the car behind them would rear-end them, and then all claiming neck injuries. The fraudsters also hired some bystanders who would act as “witnesses” so when they sue the insurance company of the innocent person driving behind them, they could collect big bucks. But something went wrong. It seems that they set up their “accident” on a street that was already being used by some other guys who also liked to set up these phony accidents and they were not pleased. As the “witnesses” were standing around the accident scene, someone started shooting at them. One man was killed and another critically wounded. The shooter got away. Apparently there were no witnesses to the shooting.

In Sacramento, California, funeral director Melvin Lincoln was sentenced for defrauding his insurance company by faking his own death and that of his wife to collect life insurance money. He was dying to get some easy bucks (guess funeral business was slow) but was tripped up when the insurance company found out that he renewed his driver’s license after being dead.

This is a good one. A Los Angeles lawyer was arrested for insurance fraud and then collected on his disability insurance policy ($85,000 worth) because he was not able to go back to work. The lawyer said that he was allergic to courthouses for two years because of his arrest. He says that his exposure to the criminal justice system now causes him stress, mood swings, and he gets sick. The insurance company is now trying to get the $85,000 back they paid him.


New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, the guy who proposed the current moronic legislation that bans talking on hand-held cell phones, is proposing a new law that would require restaurants to disclose nutritional information on anything you order. Donut and cookie shops with 10 or more locations would also have to tell you how much ugly, cholesterol-laden, heart stopping fat is in that donut or cookie when you buy it.

Our legislators say we need to have this nutritional information because we are getting too obese (lard-asses) and they want to protect us from ourselves. That’s right; you are a dumb, fat slob and seeing that a Big Mac has 590 calories will keep you from eating it now because you will be able to read it on the greasy wrapper. Just like you didn’t know cigarettes were bad for you until they put the warning on the packs.

Margaret Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (really) says: “You can do all the nutrition education in the world, (but) it’s not going to help people if you don’t provide nutritional information at the point of decision.” In other words, we need help.

Federal labeling laws were designed by our legislators to change our eating behavior. That’s right. Not only are you a fat slob, but you have a behavior problem our politicians want to correct. However, since the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 (really again) was instituted, sales of potato chips, cookies, and other “junk food” that makes us fat, has not gone down. So much for changing our “behavior” with nutritional information. Maybe higher taxes would help or a ban on junk food advertising.

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