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By Chuck Wells

According to the New York State Insurance Department, $177 of the yearly premium you pay for car insurance goes to people filing fraudulent claims.

Russian Immigrants bilk us millions of dollars---a fraud ring of Russian immigrants was broken up with 85 indictments and 500 unsealed indictments for insurance fraud.

These immigrants staged phony car accidents in the New York City area and conspired with other Russian immigrants who are physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, attorneys, and medical clinic workers to defraud insurance companies.

The scheme is as follows: “Owners and managers of medical clinics pay “runners” or recruiters to arrange auto accidents and send individuals supposedly injured in the accidents to clinics for treatment. The runners recruit drivers to cause the accidents and passengers to ride in the cars.” After the accidents, the passengers sue the drivers to collect money and medical treatment is not given but medical claims are submitted for payment. Medical bills alone can go to $50,000.

So folks, here is what we have. Immigrants to our country taking advantage of our hospitality to earn a good life turning around and defrauding us of millions of dollars. They should be sent back to Russia as should all immigrants who commit crimes in this country.

And while on the subject, all immigrants should have to sign that they will not take any government subsidies (welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc.) in order to reside here. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to come. All government documents should also be only in English. If people want to immigrate to this country, they should learn the language.


A man came in to a Modesto, California bank planning his big robbery. Only one problem. As he pulled his cloth mask down over his face, he realized that he had forgotten to cut holes in it for his eyes. With no eye holes, the robber had to pick up the front of the mask and shuffle over to the counter looking down the whole time. After getting his money, he shuffled back to the door but walked into the steel frame banging his head and knocking off his hat. He backed up a bit and then shuffled out the door. No arrest yet.


Geuda Springs, Kansas passed an ordinance requiring all households (210 people) to have guns and ammunition. Any household violating this ordinance can be fined $10. Only people with physical or mental disabilities, paupers, and people who conscientiously oppose firearms are exempt.

When citizens were questioned about this new ordinance they said outsiders should butt-out. No one is going to argue with that town.

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