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By Chuck Wells

It always amazes me that the number of car accidents reported to me increases when the weather gets better. That’s right. Nice weather brings out the dumb drivers like flies to the barn.

A survey of drivers was done recently that indicated:

  • 91% of all drivers acknowledge at least one risky driving activity in the previous 6 months
  • 71% of the people speed (only 71%?)
  • 59% ate while they were driving
  • 37% used a cell phone
  • 28% did not wear a seat belt
  • 26% did not use a signal when turning (that really annoys me)

Drivers between the age of 26 and 44 were the most likely to drive while dumb but they said only old people and teens should be re-tested to see if they should still be able to drive.

Teens said that only old people should be re-tested because teens know everything

Old people said that teens should be re-tested because teens know nothing

Of all the accident claims I have worked on over the years, most were caused by drivers not paying attention to their driving or doing something stupid.

Keep in mind that if you have an accident that is judged your fault (the insurance determines that, not you), you can be charged an additional premium on your car insurance for the next 39 months so pay attention to your driving.


Only 35% of the cars in New York City carry theft coverage but 75% of all car thefts in the State are in New York City.

A study by psychology professor Barry Jones of Glasgow University found that men and women who have had three beers perceive people of the opposite sex as 25% more attractive than before they had the beers. What happens if they have another 9 beers?

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, Quentin Hawkins and 60 associates of Brooklyn scammed insurance companies of $10 million by staging phony car accidents over 20 years. He was so (in)famous that a woman sent him a resume for a job. Her skills: “I like riding in ambulances, I look real in a neck brace, I can walk, stand, or sit without moving my neck, I am always on the lookout for insurance investigators, I can faint or cry. She got the job. Hawkins is serving 5 years in federal prison.

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