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By Chuck Wells

So you want to make a little extra money by transporting some people to and from doctorís appointments or shopping? Or maybe you want to deliver pizzas with your car. Or you want to share expenses by car pooling with other people.

Iím sure one of the first questions you ask yourself: ďIs my car insurance policy going cover me if someone Iím transporting is injured in a car accident?Ē

If you are transporting people (like a taxi service) for money, your personal car insurance policy will NOT cover you if you are sued after an accident. You will be on your own. You would have to get an expensive commercial type auto policy in order to get that coverage. So do not transport people around for money. You are just asking for trouble.

If you are delivering pizzas and have an accident, you will be covered under a personal auto policy but most insurance companies would cancel your policy if they know you do deliveries. You may want to check with your agent to make sure you wonít have a problem. It may not be worth it just to make a couple of bucks delivering. If you are a parent, do not allow your kids to use your car to deliver pizzas unless you want your insurance canceled.

Car pooling is not a problem with coverage but keep in mind that if someone is injured in your car and the accident is your fault, they will sue you. Make sure you have at least $300,000 of liability coverage if you are car pooling. I know, they are your co-workers and would never sue you. Think again. They will sue you and retire on your money.


Antoinette Millard of New York City picked up $492,000 of insurance coverage on jewelry she inherited from her mother. She started the policy on October 16, 2003 and showed bills of sale and appraisals of the jewelry. On October 27th , Millard said she took some of the jewelry out of her safe deposit box and as she left the bank, was mugged by an unknown person and robbed of $262,000 worth of the jewelry. She turned in a claim on her insurance policy.

You donít have to be too smart to figure out that the insurance company is going to investigate a $262,000 claim that happens within two weeks of when you start a policy.

Their investigation revealed that one of her appraisals was forged and she had actually sold half of the jewelry she claimed was stolen. She was arrested for insurance fraud, attempted Grand Larceny, and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument.


Tokyo metropolitan government has ruled that used lingerie could no longer be sold in the cityís sex shops. Men had been paying $15 to $90 for a pair of used panties in a plastic bag which sometimes included a picture of the former owner.

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