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By Chuck Wells

Guys who ride motorcycles are more romantic than those who do not. Iíll explain later so you have to read my insurance stuff first.

Motorcycle insurance covers almost nothing. If you fall off the motorcycle, there is no coverage for your injuries so make sure you have your own hospitalization insurance. Your policy only covers damage done by you to other people and their cars. Of course, the amount of damage you will do to someone elseís car will be minimal compared to being in a car. Make sure you have enough life insurance before riding the bike.

If you get a ticket driving a motorcycle, it will be charged against your car insurance. Thatís right, your car insurance! If the ticket is for driving without a motorcycle license, your car rates could increase by 50%.

If you have an accident with your motorcycle, it could also raise your car insurance rates. If you are injured in the accident but did not collect any money, your car insurance rates could go up.

Coverage for your motorcycle itself (damage to it from an accident, fire, or theft) must be purchased under the separate motorcycle policy. There is no coverage for the bike under your car insurance or your home insurance, even if it is parked in your garage!

Bikers are more romantic? Progressive Insurance Company did a survey of men who ride motorcycles and those who donít and came up with the following:

  • Men who ride motorcycles rated themselves more romantic than the men who donít.
  • Computer programmers rated themselves 3 times more romantic than programmers who do not ride motorcycles.
  • Motorcyclists are 5 times as likely to cry during romantic movies than those who have never ridden a motorcycle.
  • 62% of motorcyclists are moved by poetry compared to 23% of men who donít ride.
  • Motorcyclists gave flowers 5 times during the year compared with 2 for
  • Motorcyclists were 4 times as likely to cry during an episode of Andy Griffith than those who do not ride.

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