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By Chuck Wells

Joe Homeowner: Hey Chuck. Iím in my boat down in the cellar. Will my home insurance pay for a little water damage down here?

Chuck: How much water is in your cellar?

Joe: Not much. I could barely put my boat motor down.

Chuck: How did the water get in your cellar?

Joe: I donít know. This happens every year when the snow melts and then we get the rain. My sump pump couldnít keep up but my wife and kids have been bailing for the past 6 hours so weíre holding our own. Iím not sure how much longer they can hold out though. They are starting to complain.

Chuck: Sorry, Joe, youíre up the creek without a paddle. The standard home insurance policy does not cover damage done by water coming into your cellar from the outside. If you bought extra coverage for backup of sewers or drains, you might have gotten some money.

Joe: But I have all new furniture and carpeting down here.

Chuck: Why do you have all that valuable stuff down there when you know your cellar floods?

Joe: Because I figured you insurance guys would bail me out anyway. I also needed someplace to go as my mother-in-law lives upstairs with us. You know what thatís like! You mean I have been paying on this stupid policy for years and canít collect what I deserve? Insurance is a rip-off!

Chuck: Sorry, Joe.

Joe: How about you guys buying me a new roof, then? Itís leaking now because it is 30 years old and I didnít want to spend the money to have it replaced. You insurance people should be good for something!

Chuck: Why should everyone paying premiums for home insurance have to buy you a new roof because you didnít want to take care of it yourself?

Joe: Because I deserve it. Besides, the money just comes from the big insurance company anyway so whatís the big deal?

Chuck: If the leaking is from ice backing up under your roof, you may have some coverage for its repair. If it is just normal wear and tear, itís your ballgame.

Joe: Insurance is a rip-off!


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration thinks golf carts are too dangerous so they want to keep us safe by proposing safety regulations for these golf carts. The new regulations would mandate seat belts, headlights, and other safety devices.

They are concerned that some old folks are driving their carts on streets in retirement communities and are having accidents. However, Scott Montana, a golf cart maker in California, says the repairs he does are from people driving into trees and curbs. Golf cart official also say seatbelts may make the carts less safe because people wonít be able to jump out.

No word on airbags for the carts and mandatory helmets for drivers but Iím sure that will be next.


A donut shop owner in Salinas, California pleaded guilty to insurance fraud. After an employee was shot during a holdup, the shop owner dragged the wounded manís body out to the sidewalk to make it look like he was a customer as the owner did not have workerís compensation insurance for the employee.

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