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By Chuck Wells

The New York Auto Insurance Plan (Assigned Risk) was set up after car insurance was made mandatory so everyone could get car insurance no matter what their driving record. It was supposed to be for the really bad drivers or the kids just getting their licenses.

As with most liberal ideas, this program ran amuck. The Assigned Risk policies are subsidized (part of the premium you good drivers pay goes to reduce premiums for the high risk drivers because you should feel sorry for them. They would be eating dog food if you did not help them out), the Assigned Risk also offers “Careful Driver Discounts” of up to 30%, and even good drivers are stuck in the Assigned Risk.

Anyway, the Assigned Risk rates went up 19% in August. They should have gone up about 75% to off-set costs of these high-claim policies but the politicians would rather you good drivers subsidize them some more.

In working on new rates, I found that the young male driver rates did not increase much but the young females and those with tickets and accidents did increase by about 19%. Young females are having many more accidents than in the past (hurried lifestyles and more complicated make-up applications) and the costs of repairing cars and people has increased dramatically.

For the rest of you not in the Assigned Risk, expect large rate increases for the next couple of years. Insurance companies are paying out $112 in claims for every $100 they collect in premiums. As you can see, this is not workable and that means premiums will have to increase to off-set costs. The only way to decrease or stabilize car insurance premiums is to attack the costs: lawsuits, medical expenses, car repair bills.


Some Yahoo in Tonawanda, NY got into an industrial site and stole a dismantled 4-foot-deep above-ground swimming pool. Yahoo probably wanted it for his backyard and decided it was better to steal a pool rather than pay for it. Only one problem. The industrial site said they had been using the pool to store radioactive substances and it might not be a good idea to swim in it.


Gilbert Walker of Panama City, Florida said it wasn’t his fault that he broke into his neighbor’s house and chased her around with a knife as he drank too much jasmine tea.

And Amanda Hagan said that a hospital in Norristown, Pa. was negligent as they allowed a visitor into her room as she was being treated for an overdose of heroin and the visitor brought her more heroin to shoot up in her hospital bed.

A woman is suing McDonalds in New York City (no, not from coffee burns to the crotch this time) because she was “thrown” against the wall in the ladies room as the toilet she was attempting to sit on was “unsteady.”

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