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By Chuck Wells

Anyone you give permission to drive your car is covered under your car insurance policy whether they are listed on your policy
or not.

We had a situation recently where one of our clients allowed his son to drive his car to New York City where the son lives. The young man had an accident with the father’s car and he will now be added to the father’s car insurance policy and the premiums will go through the roof. The father doesn’t think that is fair.

Can an insurance company just add a driver onto your policy without your permission? Yes.

If the insurance company finds out about a driver in your household or if someone uses your car and has an accident, that person can be added to your policy without your choice. The only way out of this is if the person has his own car insurance policy and can prove that to the insurance company. If he doesn’t have his own policy, you are out of luck. If that person driving your car has a bad driving record, your car insurance company will cancel your policy and you will go into the risk pool as they can’t trust you to only have good drivers driving your cars.

The moral to this story is not to allow anyone to drive your cars unless it is an emergency. Keep in mind that if someone borrows your car and has an accident where people are injured, the driver and you (the owner of the car) will be sued together. Do you want the possibility of a lawsuit just so you can be nice to someone who shouldn’t be driving your car? This goes especially for grandparents who do this to help their grandkids out. Don’t do it! Period!


The Munich, Germany police were called by neighbors who saw a man carrying a woman’s lifeless body into his apartment. A second call came in indicating the man was carrying in another lifeless female body dressed differently, different hair color, complexion, and shoes. When the police arrived at the man’s apartment, they became suspicious as the man was nervous, hostile, barely dressed, and sweating. The man finally allowed officers into his apartment where they found a collection of life-like, life-size silicon sex dolls. These dolls were semi-solid, realistically dense, and came with “special features.” “Apparently he had just been testing out his new acquisition when police arrived.” Thus explaining his appearance at the door. The police hurriedly left upon completing the investigation.


Tamika Ross is being charged with the murder of Nathaniel Davis. It seems that Ross ran over Davis’ hat. Davis then confronted Ross and after a heated argument, hit Ross. Ross then got in her car and ran over Davis, killing him. Her statement to police: “He hit me so I ran him down.”

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